Chiasso Letteraria is an international literature festival established in 2005. Every edition is structured around a specific theme, which defines its literary perimeter and visual identity. The festival's identity is designed by CCRZ since 2011.
The 2013 edition is centred on the theme of exile, which becomes a gateway to diversity through radical disorientation and, not infrequently, a necessary path toward creation. The festival’s visual supports take the form of incongruous flags, fake passports, seals and stamps, inviting a confrontation with the theme of migration and estrangement. The festival’s journal is illustrated with a project by French artist Thomas Mailaender, a series of photographs portraying overloaded cars, leaving for North Africa from the port of Marseille. An old CX turbo, inspired by Mailaender’s Cathedral Cars, is installed in the exhibition space.

Client: ChiassoLetteraria
Year: 2013

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