The book documents the re-qualification of a deserted cement factory in the geological park of the Breggia gorges. It is structured in three chapters that illustrate the Saceba’s history before its establishment, during the period of activity and the re-qualification project after its closure. Each chapter includes a contemporary photographic portfolio by Roger Frei, Mario Ferro (a former Saceba worker) and Eugenio Castiglioni. The volume is characterized by the use of different types of paper that represent the geological stratification of the area. The grey cardboard sheet cover is dry embossed with some of the fossils found in the rock which was extracted to produce cement. The dust jacket is printed on cement bags paper. The book is published by Edizioni Casagrande in Italian and German.

Graphic design in collaboration with Sidi Vanetti. The publication is part of the exhibition design project ‘The cement itinerary’.

Client: Holcim
Year: 2012

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