On the occasion of the 200 years celebration of the arrival of the first Napoleonic army in the Blenio valley, Ticino, the Corzoneso Foundation (CH) organizes an exhibition with about thirty unpublished images of the great photographer Roberto Donetta (1865-1932) www.archiviodonetta.ch
The exhibition design project is structured on two levels of fruition, interior and outdoors. In the museum Casa Rotonda, the photographs are displayed in their original format, framed in a rudimentary way to recall the printing-frame certainly used by Donetta for his contact copies. Outdoors 7 giant-sized images are rigorously inserted in the landscape. Their placement is conditioned by the interplay of perceptual mimesis between real and photographed backgrounds; a virtual itinerary that retraces the routes originally travelled by the militia. This scenic solution answers the client’s specific requirement to promote tourist interest in the valley during summer season. Antonio Mariotti is the exhibition’s curator.

Client: Fondazione Archivio Donetta
Year: 2012

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