Known for its award winning design and quality, the Swiss based Prodir produces and supplies customizable writing instruments globally used as brand messengers. Since 2001, Prodir entrusts its image & communication design to CCRZ.
The 2013 theme focuses Prodir’s distinctive market positioning and supports the brand profile with a straightforward, authentic and trustworthy communication founded on the concept of Purity. Be pure. enhances the corporate identity by creating a highly distinctive environment where pure colours and essential design merge with Prodir's unique philosophy: simplicity, ecology, Swissness and competence in writing technology. The Purity theme was applied to the 2013 catalogue, news magazine, exhibition design, ADV, mailings and packaging. Be pure. was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Award. Project realised in collaboration with comunicAzione.

Client: Prodir 
Year: 2013



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