A group show in a pavilion, located in a disused garage in the city, are among the itinerant moments that characterize this edition of the Biennale dell’immagine. The international photography, video and performance festival dedicates its fifth edition to the theme of the invasions, intended in their historical, geographical and cultural sense. In addition to the architectural design of the pavilion, the studio has designed the exhibition project together with artists and promoters. A long container, painted in fluorescent red, "invades" the space of the disused workshop from the exterior to the interior, passing through existing windows and walls. The six sections of the exhibition are set up inside the box and along its perimeter. Project realised in collaboration with "Chiasso culture in movimento" and the Institut d’ethnologie de l'Université de Neuchâtel.

Client: Chiasso culture in movimento
Year: 2006

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