The exhibition focuses on the places where the adventures of Corto Maltese occur. Pratt's illustrations are accompanied by the photographs of Marco D'Anna, who has retraced the journeys of the comics hero over the years. To strengthen the communication’s visual identity a typeface is designed. Its shape derives from the narrative structure of comics and at the same time takes into account the contextual necessities of the museum.
Designed ​​for the occasion, the catalogue presents itself as a travel journal. It is printed on a paper with a rough and a glossy side. The plates of the illustrator are reproduced on the rough side, while the images of the photographer are printed on the glossy side. Page after page the travels of the two authors – one in imagination, the other in space – run on parallel tracks. The catalogue can be leafed through looking at them separately or simultaneously.

Client: Museo d'Arte Lugano 
Year: 2011

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