The exhibition, organized in two museums, addresses the role of the window in art history from the fifteenth century to present, beginning from Alberti and ending with the contemporary movements. ‘Think of this as a Window...’ by Cerith Wyn Evans, a work that can potentially transform every support in a window, is used for the communication campaign. The communication elements include the exhibition design, posters, invitation and a commercial.
As a complementary medium, CCRZ designs two darkrooms. The first located in the city and the second in the middle of the lake, accessible by boat, allow the audience to contemplate the image of the city, projected through the pinhole on an internal wall of the darkroom. An allusion to the Renaissance, when the new invention was used as a window to observe and reproduce the world.
Graphic design in collaboration with Sidi Vanetti.

Client: Museo Cantonale d'Arte e Museo d'Arte Lugano
Year: 2012

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