An articulated photographic project characterizes the 2004 catalogue featuring the collection of Dexo, an Italian furniture and home furnishings company. About sixty shots, taken from the same point of view and in the same setting (the company’s storage warehouse) suggest the idea of ​​a single sequence shot in which the subjects parade, from beginning to end of the catalogue, with no interruptions. In relation to their location in space, the photographed furniture and objects however trigger different dynamics, sometimes related to the rules of visual perception and sometimes to more playful or narrative situations. Alignments, changes of scale and unstable equilibrium are built directly on the set and achieved without resorting to adjustments and changes in post-production. The overview of the double page consists of two frames, set side by side, where the slight difference in perspective is deliberately discernable, thus revealing the “mechanical” principle that constitutes the base of the project. In addition to photography, the set design, styling and graphics are also carried out by CCRZ.

Client: Dexo
Year: 2003


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