First of a series of booklets that CCRZ dedicates to works, researches or simple insights in graphics, photography, architecture and design.
A graph, a printer, a signage officer conceive a signpost, a logo, an image that is then produced and in some cases materially included into the landscape. What initially shimmers (excessively, like a pair of new shoes), soon acquires the patina of reality, which, as we know, regrettably tends to dull grey. But what is written is written, what is printed is printed, and not always the bad weather, the scorching sun, air pollution or even physical removal can delete it. Indeed, it is when they become obsolete, when they say things that no longer correspond to facts, when they are gagged, that the insignia to which we dedicate this book reveal all their tenacity.

Client/Photo: CCRZ
ISBN: 978-88-907132-1-7
Year: 2008

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