Il Tanaro a Masio. Photographs by Vittore Fossati, taken between 2010 and 2012.

"On my way to the village where I work, I sometimes make a small detour to reach the bank of the river Tanaro in a place called Masio. I take a few shots, quickly, framing with a lot of liberty on the display of the compact camera. What is there to see? Trees, the colours of sky and water, an ever-changing drawing of branches. What is there to do? Beyond shooting a few pictures, taking a breath of fresh air. I feel the need for both like lighting a cigarette after coffee, before entering the office."
This publication is the second in a series that CCRZ devotes to works, researches or simple insights in the fields of graphics, photography, architecture and design.

Client: CCRZ
Photo: Vittore Fossati
Text: Matteo Terzaghi
ISBN: 978-88-907132-0-0
Year: 2012

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