The exhibition comprises more of two hundred works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, etchings and posters of the most important exponents of Symbolism in Switzerland. It explores the different languages through which the artists, in a period of profound changes, expressed the anxiety and the spectres of their age, but also shaped their hopes toward an uncertain future. The communication campaign evokes the stylistic elements of the time in its visual language, typographic approach and choice of colours, among which gold predominates. The printed material accompanying the exhibition makes use of the works’ own narrative power, recreating a fantastic dimension in which the paintings and texts alternate as in a tale. On the posters, a part of the work is concealed behind a light-blue rectangle, recalling the ambiguity between reality and dream, sublime and disturbing, light and darkness that characterized the period.

Client: Museo Cantonale d’Arte and Museo d’Arte Lugano
Year: 2013

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