Through a reinterpretation of the copious archive of photographer Roberto Donetta, who worked in Southern Switzerland at the beginning of last century, the exhibition's curators identified a tool for the study of the evolution of the landscape. Recent developments in digital terrain models made it possible to recover the precise location of the depicted landscapes through monofotogrammetry. An innovative technique that has allowed to add a scientific and educational aspect to the emotional value of Donetta's photographs. The exhibition itinerary in the small museum of Casa Rotonda in Corzoneso is set on two levels and involves the use of didactic boards and analog prints on baryta paper from original plates. Visitors also have the opportunity to physically retrace the original sites of Donetta's photographs with a printed map. The project is a collaboration between Fondazione Donetta, the University of Southern Switzerland and the Federal Research Institute WSL.

Client: Fondazione Archivio Donetta
Year: 2014

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