The rhythm, and the processing of that topic, in all its variations, is the main theme for the Hans Richter monographic exhibition.
The whole project is based on this principle, developing a strong identity based on the typographic transparency as a tool to communicate Richter’s vision of arts, and a wider vision of his world, across all media.
The poster is designed to be installed with other two printed detail of some artist’s work in order to make a triptych.
The book is printed on different papers to obtain a visual rhythm even on the spine, when the book is closed.
Project in collaboration with Sidi Vanetti.

- Swiss Poster Award 2014
- 100 best poster 2014 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
- 50 best books of 2014 (American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

Client: Museo d'arte Lugano
Year: 2014


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